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Public Safety Employee Retaliation Claims

Public Safety employees appear to be suing their agencies more frequently alleging various forms of retaliation.  These are resulting in 6 and 7 figure verdicts and settlements.  There are many reasons for these types of lawsuits.  Some result from retaliatory [...]


Developing a Reasonable Prescription Drug Policy for Law Enforcement Personnel

The U.S. population appears to be addicted to prescription drugs.  Law enforcement personnel are not immune from this national trend.  The issue is a balancing need between public safety and individual medical necessity.  Without a reasonable, effective written policy, your [...]


Administrative Investigations for In-Custody Deaths

An Inmate death can result in civil and criminal liabilities for both the agency as well as the Jail officer(s)when deaths occur.  In many instances fault does not lie with the agency, but an inept administrative investigation will not aid [...]