Seminar Title

National Internal Affairs Training and Certification

Dates of Events

11/01/2021 through 11/05/2021

Last Updated: 09/13/2021
Instructor(s): Multiple Instructors
Location: Fort Worth Police Department - 505 West Felix Street, Fort Worth, TX 76115
Hotel: Hampton Inn - 6555 Park Brook, Forest Hill, TX 76140
Course Registration Fee: $525
Instructor Bio
Multiple Instructors
Course Objectives
Course Overview:
National Internal Affairs
Training and Certification

This 5 day IA Conference is intended for persons who are involved in investigating, adjudicating, overseeing, and auditing Law Enforcement Internal Affairs and Administrative Investigations. Persons involved in law enforcement risk management and human resources will be given insight into these complex and critical investigations. Seasoned veterans, as well as, newly assigned personnel will be able to learn from these presentations.

· Certification Issues and Trends in Today’s IA Operations
· Defending Your Administrative Investigations
· Legal Update on Administrative
· Investigations and Employee Discipline
· Legal Update on Administrative
· Setting Up an IA Operations
· Employee Retaliation Cases
· Internal Affairs for School Law Enforcement Agencies
· Use of Force Investigations
· Garrity in Today’s Changing Environment

The purpose of a Professional Internal Affairs Certification is to demonstrate and guarantees that a person who holds this credential has met the highest standards of Academics, Professional and Ethical standards training.
Certification credentials also speak to a commitment to the Internal Affairs profession and a dedication to ongoing continuing education.
A Professional Internal Affairs Certification is the recognition of individuals who have demonstrated through a standardized assessment that they meet defined qualifications within the Internal Affairs profession.
This process will provide public safety practitioners in Internal Affairs, Professional Standards operations, and Administrative Investigations with a method to obtain the highest standards and recognition in these specialized areas of Public Safety. Internal Affairs operations can measure the quality of an agency’s functions and the public’s vision of the agency.
Internal Affairs Officers must provide a role of professionalism that is impartial and knowledgeable in the newest emerging trends and case law affecting administrative investigations. The manner in which the Internal Affairs operations conduct these functions create an impression to members of the agency and affect the social capital of the public.
There are NO prerequisites for attending the Internal Affairs Certification training or challenging the test for the Professional Internal Affairs Certifi- cation at the National Internal Affairs Conference.
Each candidate must attend and successfully pass a 40-Hour Certification Training Course.
Each candidate must complete the 40-Hour Certification Training Course.
• Each candidate must pass a multiple choice examination, which will include significant IA/OPS content covered during the Course.
Each candidate must write a 500-word essay from a list of Internal Affairs subjects provided.

For graduates of the Public Safety Internal Affairs Institute Program (PSIAI) program who would like to maintain current status as a Certified Internal Affairs Investigator/Supervisor, you will be required to attend:
One Internal Affairs training program during the three (3) year validity period.
One five-day 40-Hour Professional Internal Affairs Certification Course .

Certificate of Completion for attending the 40-Hour PSIAI Training Course.
• Certification credential card with your name and certification dates (following successfully completion of the PSIAI test and submission of the 500-word essay).
• Certificate with your special designation of Internal Affairs certified.
Legal update electronic bulletins.

NOTE: It is NOT Required to Challenge the Certification
Test to Attend this Training.