Seminar Title

Court Security: Response to Critical Incidents and Emergency Planning

Dates of Events

09/21/2021 through 09/23/2021

Last Updated: 04/26/2021
Instructor(s): Ray Farris
Location: Sandy City Police Department - 10000 South Centennial Parkway, Sandy, UT 84070
Hotel: Best Western - 10695 S Auto Mall Drive, Sandy, UT 84070
Course Registration Fee: $325
Instructor Bio
Ray Farris, (Retired)
Assistant Director Tennessee Law Enforcement Training
Academy/Tennessee POST
Ray Farris retired as Assistant Director at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy with assignments overseeing basic cadet training, the Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (POST) and specialized training. He has over 30 years of total service for the state of Tennessee serving in a variety of positions. Ray has also served as Vice President of Bethel University and Vice President for Savant Learning Systems a private higher educational and training company. He is also currently an Adjunct Faculty member in the Criminal Justice Program at Bethel University.
He received his Bachelors of Science from Tennessee Technological University and Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the Nashville School of Law and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy (Session 265) and Police Staff and Command School at Northwestern University. He is certified as an IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor. Training certifications include: Criminal and Constitutional Law, First Line Supervision, Courtroom Security, Leadership, Internal Affairs, Firearms and Emergency Vehicle Operations and many others.
He is a board member of the Tennessee POST Commission, IADLEST Partner Advisory Committee, and a life member of the TN Law Enforcement Training Officers Association.
Ray teaches and trains around the nation and has lectured and taught at numerous national and state conferences including the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training Conference, the National Association of Field Training Officers Conference, the North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents, the Oregon Sheriff’s Jail Command Council, the Kentucky and Alabama Department of Corrections, the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Officers Association, the Georgia and Tennessee Sheriff’s Associations and the Tennessee Chief’s Association to name a few.
Course Objectives
Course Overview:
Court Security
Critical Incident & Emergency
Planning For Courts

Government buildings continue to be a target, just turn on the news! With that being said, courthouses and courtrooms are especially vulnerable targets due to fact they are not only government facilities but also where our criminal justice system operates. With many potential targets utilizing the courthouse daily, including defendants, victims, family and domestic parties, judges and numerous county officials, disruptions are on the rise.
Courthouse/courtroom incidents range from minor disruptions such as picketing to physical assault and even murder. Regardless of your experience, there is no assurance that violence will not happen in your court. The question is not “if it will happen but when?”
Course Objectives:
Violent Court Incidents/Case Studies – By examining in detail past court incidents and case studies, students will be able to begin the process of accessing their own courtroom, courthouse, parking lots, grounds and current security systems and protocols.
Legal Issues of Courtroom/Courthouse Security – This session will cover case law in order to prepare each student with a working knowledge of what they “can” and “can’t” do legally.
Overview of Courtroom Security – This session will cover and discuss profiles of those involved in courtroom/courthouse incidents, various stages of the proceeding in which incidents and disruptions are more likely to occur, and prepare the students with a background in statistics to better prepare them for potential incidents.
Daily Operational Concerns for Courtroom/Courthouse Security – By examining the “5 Elements of Courthouse/Courtroom Security” a foundation for security begins to develop with court security personnel, court tenants, policies and procedures and the securing of the physical facility.
Prisoner/Defendant Security – This session will cover how to prepare for and minimize disruptions from in-custody defendants, transportation pitfalls, various restraints, communications, searches, juveniles and a myriad of topics dealing with court appearances.
High Risk/Critical Situations – This session will be devoted to high risk trials, sequestered juries, protests and many other situations that there is time to prepare, implement and execute a appropriate plan to mitigate the risks.
Bomb Threats/Natural Disasters and Other Emergencies – There is the potential for a wide variety of emergency situations to arise at a courthouse, oftentimes with little or no warning. This session gives the students an overview of potential problems, and prepares them with plans and procedures to implement to properly prepare for these types of emergency situations.
Sovereign Citizens – This session will give an overview to all students to the potential issues and the tactics used by sovereign citizens, from simple disruptions to dangerous life threatening situations.
Courtroom/Courthouse Survey – This session will enable the students to return and complete a physical site survey of their courtroom/courthouse. They will receive a sample survey to utilize and/or modify to fit their individual setting. This will also be the basis for requesting additional resources and security personnel.